A Little About Us…

Ellen Cove, Middleton Beach – Albany, Western Australia

Navigator Photografix is a small business located in Perth, Western Australia, specialising in aerial and land based digital photography and videography.

Navigator Photografix will deliver high quality product at a competitive price point.

Our core business is the creation of content (primarily social media focused) for individuals, businesses and local government. Our passion is landscape photography and videography and particularly, from an aerial perspective.

We love to create prints made to order (for any image you like!) using quality local suppliers based in Perth, WA. Using only the best printer and framers, our clients are provided with a quality #WesternAustralian experience at a competitive price point.

Navigator Photografix is fully certified with the Australian Civil Aviation Authority (CASA), commercially operating under a Remote Operators Certificate (ReOC). All pilots are licenced with a Remote Pilots Licence (RePL).

You can have confidence in Navigator Photografix as we are fully insured with $20 million (AUS) public liability coverage.


Geoff Dickson is the passionate photographer and videographer behind Navigator Photografix. Photography has always been a big part of Geoff’s life, particularly landscape photography. He finds solace in driving to and hiking through the best parts of Western Australia (and beyond) to capture the wonder and beauty of our wide brown land which we call home.

Drones have been another part of Geoff’s passion, providing the challenge and inspiration to look at the world from another perspective. It’s the extra dimension of aerial photography and videography which really excites his journey’s around the Great Southern. It was only a matter of time before he obtained his RePL and ReOC to compliment the increasingly demanding tasks he is being asked to undertake by clients.

With over 100 flight hours logged in commercial operations, you can have faith in Geoff’s ability to safely deliver results in Aerial Photography and Videography.

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