Change your perspective Aerial photography opens up dimensions. Top down, different angles not readily accessible to land locked lenses. It’s a further addiction I didn’t really need but so glad I have….


I mean, who DOESN’T LOVE Whales.. Growing up in Albany meant I was exposed to the good and bad parts of the industry of Whaling. I remember as a young school kid being taken to the Whaling Station on an excursion – a memory which will never leave me. So glad the industry is no longer and to see them now, returning to our…

Buildings, places and spaces

Sometimes its about structure… I do have a bit of a thing about buildings – most like because so much of my commercial tasks have involved buildings, places and spaces.

People in action

Active lifestyles make for fantastic images.. Whether I am out with my family or, wandering at large with a camera in hand – activity makes for interesting images !


ASTRO Photography Adventures I love being challenged with new Photographic topics – Astro photography is one of those new opportunities I am enjoying – hope you do to !


Wide Angle, Any Angle – I love Landscapes… Our passion is landscapes in Australia. Be it from the air, or from the ground, the team at Navigator Photografix loves to capture the natural beauty of the land, sea and how we interact in our day to day life. The images you see in the image portfolio are available for sale. Contact us for pricing,…