Nanarup Mornings

Nanarup – M2Pro Hasselblad f4.0 1/320 ISO 100

Early morning visits to Nanarup are a special treat for me. If you get out there early enough, you have the beach to yourself, the surf is pounding and the views are simply breathtaking.

Another bonus is of course, no people means great flying opportunity. My Mavic2Pro continues to be my ‘go to’ portable drone. Its portability and fantastic camera and feature set put this drone at the top of the list for those chasing an aircraft you can deploy quickly, safely and providing excellent results.

This mornings conditions were perfect. Muted overcast skies with breakthrough crepuscular rays lighting up various aspects of the coastline, my wife’s beach towel on the beach as a prop and voila, this is the outcome !!

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