Cracking storm

Olympus OMD EM1ii 12-40 pro f8 iso 200 12mm

The news reported 20,000 lightning strikes during this storm ! I would believe it !

I woke up late and nearly missed the chance to capture this event but luckily I was able to grab my gear and slide out the door just in time.

I was onsite at 0300 hours at the Lancelin lookout but quickly understood I would have a very short window of opportunity to grab a shot.

Rising winds, rain and bleary early morning eyes fought against me but luckily I grabbed a few shots, including cray boats heading out for their days work.

There is something addictive about storm photography. Living on the coast in Albany means I don’t see many storms with lightning so it’s a real treat to see action it’s like this.

Hope you love the image!

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