Website Launch

Harvest time, Northam, Western Australia

Today is the day I launched the new website. Up until this new site was created, I was working off Googles free website offering which was limited. Yeah, I know, it was free….

I heard that WordPress was doing competitive pricing for hosting websites and wham, click bam, I signed up and created a website. All credit to the ‘Happiness Engineers’ aka Support Team that I have been regularly contacting to try and understand what it means to build a website from scratch – they are fantastic. If you are considering launching a webpage of your own, then seriously consider WordPress – their help desk support is second to none!!

Anyway, over to the image…. this one was taken in Northam, WA – local farmers were busy taking their crop off – I popped in to say g’day and asked if I could take some shots. Careful of course to not fly over their operations or create a hazard, I leaned in from the side to capture the geometric wonders created when our farmers do their thing !