Drone Halo • CheynesII

This image has been in my mind for a long time and finally I got to tick the photographers to do box ✅

This image was made possible by using my #drone to light up the #wreck in darkness. Whilst I circled the drone over the ship, I took a single image (55 seconds) from land to create the image you see above.

Drone halos are becoming more popular by the day and I’m glad to be the first to get a shot of the wreck like this !

Thanks #CheynesII for being a great photographic model – you continue to give !


Cheynes II

The #CheynesII wreck in Princess Royal Harbour is magnetising for a photographer!

I love every opportunity I get to revisit the wreck, at different times and lighting situations !

Seeing the wreck up close let’s you appreciate just how rugged the work conditions would have been back in time when the vessels where operational.

Harsh, mechanical and cramped – chasing down nature’s truly amazing #whales as they wandered on their journey either north or south of #Albany.

So glad they don’t have a market anymore and our #whales are safe. One things not in dispute – this is part of our history – I trust we continue to learn from our mistakes 🙏