Afternoon Delight

Olympus OMD-EM10Mkiii ISO 200, F4.9, 1/8 @ 92mm

What a week of contrasts. From inclement weather including rain, thunder and lightning, to a day of perfection today, Friday – a prelude to the weekend. Sometimes it’s nice to just sit, stop, relax – chill. So that’s what we did. It’s a perfect time to grab some take away and watch natures TV do what she does best. Who needs a drive in when you can park and take it all in. I go nowhere of course with some form of camera at hand – the best camera you have is ALWAYS the camera you have at hand. In this case – it was my trusty traveller, Olympus EM10mkiii with the 40-150mm attached. I really to love this little combination for capturing these moments in life. This image is sitting at the old town jetty (near Due South) looking out over Princess Royal Harbour and was taken in July 2020.

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