Natures spotlight

Natures Spotlight – Inspire 2 X5S ISO100 f7.1 1/200

Today was just one of those perfect days here in the #GreatSouthern. Perfect temps, light winds and a chance to take the Inspire 2 for a run.

Recaqent firmware upgrades released earlier this week have fixed the gimbal yaw issues which have always been a bug bear for Inspire 2 pilots – I must say today my post maintenance test flight was a total success !

I was loving the light today and really enjoying the experience when a paraglider flew towards me from its launch pad further west along the cliff edge. This is an “instant land” event for me and so down I came, admiring the skills of the paraglider pilot as he weaved his way east towards the National Park!

New firmware • awesome weather • what a crackalacking afternoon out flying. Inspire 2 X5S 🚁

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